Listen to The Morning Paper (Single Version) song with lyrics from Billy Walker

The Morning Paper (Single Version)

Billy Walker1 Jan 1963

The Morning Paper (Single Version) Lyrics

The Morning Paper - Billy Walker

Heart oh heart I know it's ended


I see you made the morning paper


The story was on the social page


I read the notice of your wedding


And I saw his picture in my place


I turned the pages of the paper


Trying to hide my foolish pride


I read the funnies with a heartache


The funnies were so funny that I cried


Turning the pages I pretended


That you'd still belong to me


Heart oh heart I know it's ended


And I must face reality


I tore your picture from the paper


With every right up I could find


I destroyed the morning paper


'Cause it destroyed this heart of mine


Heart oh heart I know it's ended



The morning paper told us all