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New For You

Reeve Carney9 Nov 2012

New For You Lyrics


New for You - Reeve Carney


I can’t forget you I can’t deny

If I surrendered

You’ll hold me never

Let go

Your love’s a memory

Moving as one

My heart’s a secret under your tongue

Crying forever

Deep in your eyes


Always victims of you and I

They must fly into the taillight

Under the truth

Where everything’s new for you

And I would die a thousand deaths

But to defend your happiness


Yours is like a wave upon an open shore

Every time you fall I only want you more

If virtues and the suffering of the heart I know

All of the children sent from the sky


Our life was a shadow

Until I knew

That sorrow’s a sadness crying for you

I stand defenceless deep in your eyes


Give me your love

I will love when you’re not

Everything changes everything’s new


Baby I’m new for you