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Survival Tactics

Joey Bada$$, Capital Steez12 Jun 2018

Survival Tactics Lyrics


********s don't want war I'm a martian with an army of spartans

Sparring with a knife in a missile fight

Get your intel right, your intelligence is irrelevant

But it's definite I spit more than speech impediments

Brooklyn's the residence, the best and it's evident

We got them ********s P-E-Nuts, like they elephants

Throw 'em in a trunk if they hate though

We don't give a ******** as long as we collect our pay, so

Ya'll collect pesos, ya money ain't right here

I got them girls next to the wood like they light year, I'm right chea

Tryna get a buzz, tryna pollinate

STEEZ got that presidential ************t out to inaugurate

My P.E conglomerates bout to P-E-E on any wanna B-E, weak MC

Air 'em out or leave 'em empty congratulate the semi-auto

Fire flame spitter like komodo

No time for fake people, they be simmin' like Kimora

I'm the empor-ah in search of the adora, my heart go

Ba boom Ba boom Ba boom boom

It's panic like Dora when shots blast

See I was raised that way, I'm from the place where they raise that K

Like every day in every way and every where you go, just ain't safe

The only thing that I can say, to you is pray

Cause when ********s start equippin', and throw the clip in

Your blood drippin', and got you slippin'

Another victim, don't know whats hit them – through his spinal

Just another man who defeated by survival

That's your biggest rival, in your whole life

These bars you can't handle you better hold tight

They sayin' I'm the best, I'm like you're so right

Still ain't got enough ************ne to last the whole night, ********

Yo, ******** the police ********

******** every ass corrupt politician on Wall Street

P.E, Public Enemy, Assassinate us, ************

******** that, ******** everything son

******** government, ********, listenin' and ************t

You want ********' energy? ********s

It's like 6 milli ways to die my ******** choose one

Doomsday comin' start investin' in a few guns

New gats, booby traps, and bazooka straps

Better play your cards right, no booster packs

Everybody claim they used to rap

But these ain't even punchlines no more, I'm abusing tracks

Leaving instrumentals blue and black

I'm in Marty McFly mode, so tell em' that the future's back

Riding on hoverboards, wiping out motherboards

Stopped spitting fire cause my mother******** lung is scorched

King Arthur when he swung his sword

A king author I ain't even use a pen in like a month or four

I had a hard time writing lyrics

Now I'm way over heads, science fiction

You can try and get it, my man the flyest with it

With a mind of fine of interest for your finest interests

They say hard work pays off

Well tell the Based God don't quit his day job

Cause P.E's about to take off

With protons and electrons homie that's an A-bomb

********' ridiculous

Finger to the president screamin' "******** censor************p!"

If Obama got that president election

Then them P.E. boys bout to make an intervention

******** what I once said, I want the blood shed

Cause now-a-days for respect you gotta pump lead

I guess Columbine was listenin' to Chaka Khan

And Pokémon wasn't gettin' recognized at Comic-Con

It's like we've been content with losin'

And half our students fallen victim to the institution

Jobs are scarce since the Scientific Revolution

And little kids are shootin' Uzi's cause its given to 'em

Little weapon, code name: Smith and Wesson

And you'll be quick to catch a bullet like an interception

If your man’s tryna disrespect it

Send a message and it's over in a millisecond - ********



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When is "King Capital" from Capital steez dropping?

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