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Golden Goals

Bas29 Apr 2014

Golden Goals Lyrics

Golden Goals (Explicit) - Bas


General guidelines to ride by

Can't kill my vibe you couldn't find mine

Come to New York City

I'm in the skyline with a fine dime

And ni**a we ain't fine dining

Hit the Halal stand for cheap plates

Hit the high line that's a cheap date

I ain't worthy f**k it who is

Do what you do girl f**k it you lit

Hundred niggas yelling "New York back"

I hear em rapping they only set

"New York back"

I'm in Queens to Harlem the Garden I rap

And I'm only hearing New York clap

Bout to move out to Cali

Got a little thing out the valley

And this one girl hiding my hookah

I wish I knew to show her how to maneuver

Truth through the city

Like a presidential motorcade

On my way so the motherf**kers don't shake

Never mind I'm just smoking that grade A

Running with the same niggas since grade eight

You ain't never seen no strangers appear

My niggas been the same ones for years

I don't do it for the peers I do it for the fam

Man all of my angles are clear

Other day yo I was shopping on Rodeo

Got a call from my ni**a Cheyo

Said the hood hot bro

Gotta get away yo

Losing niggas like every day

Told 'em 18 months I'ma get a tour bus

Coming up and we never looking back

Need a rut to the cuts that bleeds deep

Three ducks in the truck like beep beep

Life is what you make of it it's play-doh


This year this year man goes back to the moon

If you coming to my city wanna know the deets

I'm the embassy I'm the one to see

Yeah baby yeah baby

From over here but I took it over there baby

Riding in the drop let your hair crazy

Climbing to the top going stair crazy

Crazy how the game opened up

A ni**a ain't been home for some months

But when I get home I be posted up

Do it for the city til the coast is us

From a city where a ni**a turn a penny to a twenty

But when the penny turns friends turn to enemies

As semis turn urns into memories

Make shots ni**a burn like the Hennessy

The city got problems the city's so godless

I watch it all burn like it's heresy

Witchcraft for your bitchass

Witchcraft is your gift that

I live in the moment

The moment is timeless

I hear all your talk

But you're so unaccomplished

Opinions are nonsense

And I ain't got time for opinions to process


These days I'm inspired by me and nothing else

Bottles of tequila and some w**d and nothing else

You know my niggas with me and no one else

I ain't pressing you can hold them hoes

Sudden death


Golden goals