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Lost in the Valley

Rose Cousins15 Sep 2006

Lost in the Valley Lyrics

Lost In The Valley - Rose Cousins


Are you lost in the valley


Are you lost without me


What's all this talk of losing anyway


'Cause the spring she is gaining

Melts the snow that's remaining

And I watch winter go draining off

In streams and out of me


Are you lost in the valley

Is she making you happy


Are you steady and ready to go


I have faith in your meaning

I have faith in your dreaming


And I can feel when you're leaning

A little my way

A little my way


I trust the cards will fall


If we carry on we'll crumble these walls

And birds will fly south like words from our mouths

And love from our hearts that we felt from the start


Are you lost in the valley

'Cause I'm still here in the city


And maybe that's the way it's supposed to be


I know you hear me when I sing


And see the same nights falling


And feel the love that I'm sending from far away