Listen to Let Go Tonight (MAKJ Remix) song with lyrics from Sandro Silva

Let Go Tonight (MAKJ Remix)

Sandro Silva, Jack Miz22 Jul 2013

Let Go Tonight (MAKJ Remix) Lyrics

Let's Go Tonight - Sandro Silva

Written by:Not Documen


I look around

At the world


And the world looks back at me


There's millions of faces

But I'm only seeing one thing


Oh I think it's day but I

Get lost in everything


Maybe this is just for one night

What do you think

Is it the love

That keeps us here

Or is it the way

That we move

Maybe it's both

But we don't care

Just let it

Go tonight

Let's go tonight


Let's go tonight

Let's go tonight

Let's go


Let's go


Let's go


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