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About a Boy

Tiffany Evans20 Apr 2008

About a Boy Lyrics

About A Boy - Tiffany Evans

Hands Sweating Knees Trembling Am Scared (Am Scared)

Am A Mess Am A Nervous Wreck Am Playing In My Hair

So I Look Thru A Crowd Of Unfamiliar Faces And Your Undetailed

An I Swear I Thought You'd Be There

(Man I Thought You'd Be There)

Am Feeling Some Kind Of Wave Down Deep Inside

Cause You Never Gave Me No Reason Why

I Am Telling You It's Not OK

So Before The Record Starts To Play

This Anit Another One Of Them Love Songs

Go Back In To The Arms Of Love Song

No No Not This Time

I Guaranteed It Will Make You Cry

This Ones About A Boyyyyy (I Use To Like)


No Happy Endings No No Not This Time


This Ones About A Boy


Heart Broken Am Holding Back Tears

(I Got To Get A Way)

They Won't Understand Crying Because Your Not Here

Alone In A Room Nobody Else Around Me

That's How It Feels

Untill You Come Thru For Me

And You Know How I Still Still Feel


I Am Feeling Some Kind Of Wave Down Deep Inside


Just Let It Spin (It Spin)

No Hair Blowin In The Wind

No Harps No Good Time

Big Dramatic Ending For Me

No Decadecation Line To Call(To Call)

I Sing My Song For You That's All

I Hate To Dissapoint


But I Wrote This Song About A Boy