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No Flockin' (Explicit)

Kodak Black13 Nov 2015

No Flockin' (Explicit) Lyrics

No Flockin (毫不畏惧) - Kodak Black

Young ni**a I got old cash

Spazzing on they a**

I got Prada on my ho a**

Got my last one mad

Pop a ni**a like a damn tag

Shopping on they a**

I just bought a new old jag

It's so fast

Smoking flocka you a jackass

All I smoke is gas

Don't you ask me

Where the poles at

Where your clothes at

I ain't talking 'bout my n***as damn it

But y'all tripping too

Is it you damn

My ni**a what the hell got into you

Project baby

Y'all was skipping in the hallway

I was skipping school

On my ps and qs

On them jiggas call me jiggaboo

Bleeding concrete

Bet you n***as won't come

Cross the street

Pardon me I don't talk to you

So don't you talk to me

I ain't dissing on nobody beat

I'm vibing on the beat

Honestly I'm just trying to be

I just gotta be

Trying to get over on anything

They telling lies to me

I spent five on my pinky ring

She love my diamond ring

Anyway I'm married to the game

She said her vows to me

I ain't getting on my knees babe

You bow down to me

You go down for me

You lay down and do the time for me

Sorry boo yeah I lie to you

But don't you lie to me

It's little kodak the finesse kid

Boy who hot as me

Told the doctor I'm a healthy kid

I smoke broccoli

I will run around your whole board

Like monopoly

Ol' boy you's a broke boy

Flocka's got you beat

Chocolate call me reese's

Can't catch me without the piece

C'est la vie I'm ten toes down

You falling off your feet

I will trick your a** for a treat

Call it Halloween

Yeah that money's what I play for

Call it lottery

Goddamn you's a clown to me

You's a clown to me

You can't smoke

No black and mild with me

Get in the car with me

You a funny guy

Don't you even joke around with me

How could it be

Get from 'round a G

You grounded from me

I'm a freeband junkie

You a junkie

You getting skinny

I'm getting chunky getting money

Want some food boy you hungry

I want them hunnids




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killing it

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Qiniso Č Stoneś Macina


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McDonald Maduna

kick it. the flipping it.


Hot song 🖤🖤🔥🔥


you nailed it 👌💉🎶👏

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