Listen to The Ivy Covered Walls song with lyrics from Harry Nilsson

The Ivy Covered Walls

Harry Nilsson1 Jan 1976

The Ivy Covered Walls Lyrics

The Ivy Covered Walls - Harry Nilsson (哈利·尼尔森)

Just behind the ivy covered walls

We used to walk the Ivy leaguer walls

We used to share an Ivy leaguer look

But (we lost it with the chemicals that we took)


Now the good books in the library look better every day


And the dean and all his bribery took our faith in him away


So we wandered through the garden by the ivy covered walls

And we waited for the magic where the sleepy nighttime falls


But the books we learned to love so much were very hard to read

So we hunted for a light just a light was all we'd need

Then we saw a glow not far away

Just a stones throw you might say

And we headed for the light we saw

We knew would lead the way


And the light shone through the window of a handsome hansel house

And we peeked inside the window (quiet) as a mouse


On the table near the fire was a book we all had read

With a cover so familiar not another word was said

So we threw away the chemicals and we strolled back through the night

And we climbed the ivy covered walls (and the we said goodnight) that's right

Now the next day we were back inside the crowded hallowed halls

And one of us had scribbled something silly on the walls

He never said he did it but it might have been us all

It was the title of the book we'd seen he'd written on the wall

A private joke to us perhaps - 'What's the title ' - you ask



It was simply: 'Throw away those chemicals or '