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A Bull's Tale

Jidenna17 Feb 2017

A Bull's Tale Lyrics

A Bull's Tale (公牛的故事) - Jidenna

Written by:Jidenna Mobisson/Nana Kwabena Tuffuor/Nathaniel Irvin III/Mark Williams/Raul Cubina/Andrew Horowitz/Nana Afriyie/Amaka Izuchi/Henry Obiefule/Adam King Feeney

Jidenna how many times did I call you

You are a stubborn bull just like your father


I don't understand you

Your auntie and I warned you not to come during election season

But you would not listen

Where is my my palm wine

You know I like to drink palm wine yes


So all I'm saying is Jidenna look


The cow that is in the hurry to go to America will come back here

As corned beef

Do you understand

Shine your eye

Although we are brothers your uncle you know magnus

Will be the one to make the first move on your life

As for the security guards they were your father's best men

They are now yours

Keep them close to you at all times

But remember


When you are in the village you are with your family


But your family may not be with you


Savage are the man and his band of thieves

So heavy is the head of he that wears the ring

But a lion don't ever lose sleep when it come to sheep


And just like wolves on the prowl to eat

They act in wool but they speak in peace

But I can't hide nor run from the ones who'll come for me


Tell 'em come for me

Bald head red kufi and shades

Lookin' like I got oil money and slaves

I'm on the way to put my poppa in his grave

In a disguise riding in a motorcade

And I've come to bury him in the jungle

It's where we were from so a ni**a stayed humble

Now don't fumble don't stumble don't trip

Kidnappers could snatch and ambush your kids

I'm on the low I ain't tryna be a martyr

It don't help I stand out like a foreigner

Nah I ain't a balla

But armed robbers think I'm made of top dollars

I made a promise

When I was six and guerillas ran up on us

Taking my sis beating the sh*t out of my mama

Shot me in the foot put a bullet through my armor

I'm a kill 'em when I see 'em again

So the prince got knights in all black hanging out the side doors

Aks on they back shining like swords

Pops would say once you're bitten by a snake

The paranoia make you pop a lizard in the face


The village hear the guns firing

A salute and a siren chief's arriving

I walk by the choir and drummers vibin'

The parade so alive you wouldn't think someone died

They shoutin' our chief is with us

Strangers claim they my cause

They plottin' to take all my land

They must forgot who the f**k dat I am

I greet my uncles with a case of gifts

From the thrift they treat it like saks fifth

He greet me with a dish

I've weighed the risk

Paid the cater to switch plates in case it's a hit

These muh'f**kas wanna poison my soup

I wish I could trust 'em like the boys in blue but uh

In the villa never eat what they give ya

You're with your fam but your fam may not be with ya


They lower him in the ground


I shovel dirt on the mound

Darkness falling I can't stick around

No time to grieve one hour the flight leaves

I feel thieves and witches within the trees

Hop in a jeep and on dirt road we speed

Someone chasing us hummers chasing us

A runaway train I ain't taking no breaks in this

Ride muthaf**ka don't take it slow ride mutha

Ride muthaf**ka don't take it slow ride mutha

Ride muthaf**ka don't take it slow ride mutha


Ride muthaf**ka don't take it slow ride mutha