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Love Just Ain't Enough

Monica, Timbaland18 Dec 2015

Love Just Ain't Enough Lyrics

Love Just Ain't Enough - Monica (莫妮卡)/Timbaland (提姆巴兰)

Written by:Monica Brown/Jocelyn A. Donald/Timothy Mosley/Nick Brongers/Jonathan Solone Myvett/Kirby Lauren


Cee Lo:

Don't know what's wrong with you lately


Picked up my clothes almost had the popo come get me


Oh and my mama said I should leave you alone


I got the feeling love ain't enough


Oh listen


Last night I was up on tipsy


Wondering how long I gotta wait 'til you come back to me


She don't believe me when I said that women don't know me


And all the good I've done now she wanna walk out and leave me


She don't wanna keep my love

I'm telling you love just ain't enough


For a woman for a woman

Hey and I never said that I was perfect


And I know it ain't easy to love me


She's packing her bags and she won't come back

Aye but she loves me


Get 'em girl


You got me feeling like I ain't ever been in your corner baby


Like I ain't been steady campaigning for you

To be the man you want to lately


I'm wondering if you can see the difference


Hey cause all you do is nitpick measure me to your last chick

Oh and we don't know if we're gonna make it


It hurts for me to say this but are we gonna make it

Cause you ain't gotta trip on me and you tell your mama everything

Keep on talking 'bout the things I don't do

But what about the things I taught you lil' *


Cause you know like I know

You know my love's just good enough for you baby


You got me trippin' 'bout everything everything

You don't even try to be what it takes to be


What it takes to be the one for me

Keep on trippin' you gon' lose a good thing


He loves her

And I love her

She loves him

But love ain't enough sometimes

But she loves me


Sometimes the beautiful things get ugly


I can't give up on what we've got

Love ain't enough


Love ain't enough


Love just ain't enough


Love ain't enough


Love just ain't enough


Love ain't enough


Love ain't enough


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