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Scarface6 Aug 2002

Heaven Lyrics


Songs Title:heaven


It's gone be some sh*t you might not understand

But you might have to rewind this sh*t a few times


I'm heavy heavy I know


Check it out

I know tomorrow ain't a promise

That's why I live one day at a time

So when it's my turn they'll be no crying

I'm aware that when my number called I'm punching the clock

No need for screaming at me mama I'm outti

Plus I really wasn't happy here to start wit

Let that be told My own homeboy as robbin me

And that's three cold

I said three it's all intentional

Cause two don't count

When your own blood's bitter and your homeboys bounce

Who the f**k is you gone trust when your roaddawgs is scheming

And every orther corner you passing a different demon

And now the closet open and I'm remembering this

Your family's your backbone and your friends ain't sh*t

Now I'm believeing what Rhonda was saying back in the days

When the homeboys left she the only one stayed

And for that very reason I'ma try and give her the world

I found heaven in the form of a girl

Everybody say it

My Angel my sunshine bless the day that I found heaven in the form of a girl

My best friend my good time bless the day that I found heaven in the form of a girl

Listening to different scriptures they teach on God

And if you ain't never met him don't speak on God

I'm serious about religon this just ain't no song

Hearing niggas make up scriptures and playing along

Probably saying I'm a hypocrite for judging these folks

But you can tell he ain't a christian by the way that he spoke

I pray for everybody hoping that they hear that voice

The one that paralyzies you from head down boy

Where you aware of your surroundings yet you still can't move

Water shooting out of your eyes when you hear this dude

And the voice is much louder than the voice you thought was the voice of the

Holy spirt

You'll change your life when you hear it

And the next morning you wake up and the world will look lighter

The grass greener and the sun brighter

I know the feeling firsthand I've witnessed the sights

When I allowed the lord to come in my life

And it was like heaven

But I'm a man and I ain't perfect

That's a poor excuse that ain't working

I ask him forgiveness for every sin I committ

Hoping he gone let me stay on his list

I'm trying to get to Heaven

(silence into new beat)


America the beautiful don't be so cold

How you expecting our seeds gone grow

When you trap us in the ghetto and show love to the other muthaf**kas

While we right here starving at home

I'd cry if I thought me shedding a tear might help

Then again me shedding tears don't help

Wanna call up to the president just to see if he know help

Let him know you up sh*t creek yo self

We all sinners

Facing a winter

Wit no socks and no shoes

In a position where we all gone lose

Instead a penetentaries we gone need more schools

Now what the f**k is we gone do

Sit around and let the world pass us by

Waiting on the message from the reverend

And he ain't but another man trying to get to Heaven


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