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Comin' Thru the Rye

The Chipmunks7 Jul 2013

Comin' Thru the Rye Lyrics

Comin' Thru the Rye - The Chipmunks

And so chipmunks in addition to the many other things I have mentioned

Scotland is famous for their beautiful highlands and their great poets

How come that man is wearing a dress

I told you Alvin that's not a dress they're kilts


Now let's sing this wonderful song by Robert Burns

How come the man wearing the dress is squeezing an octopus

That is not an octopus is a bagpipe

Now let's sing with dignity

If a body meet a body

Comin' thru the rye

If a body meet a body

Made our body high

Everybody has somebody

May I say have I

All the girls they smile at me

When comin' thru the rye


Hey Mister Piper can I play your octopus please

Sure laddie

Simon you play the drum

And Theodore get on the saxophone


You're playing in the wrong key Alvin


Simon will you stop rock and rolling that drum

It's disgraceful


Theodore please put that saxophone down


You just can't ruin a great song like that boys


Fellas will you come back here with those instruments


Alvin will you bring that octopus back


Bring back my pipe back here




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