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King Los, Mark Battles24 Jun 2015

King Lyrics


King - King Los/Diddy (吹牛老爹)/Mark Battles

I ain't come around here to look all cool


I already am cool


I'm here to do the motherf**king show


That's what I love to do


Ain't nobody safe


Are you ready


Can you dig it


They say I been the best on the low huh

Why he's so underrated that s been your question before huh


I was destined to get my shining on

My whole future dipped in gold and covered in diamond stones


Stop the music that's reckless


Especially how niggas lose they future to a necklace


Adidas suit flier than shell toes

Maneuver in the coupe the roof by my elbows


Niggas wanna be me b**ches wanna date me

Young black and rich so the whole world hate me

But my city like a war-zone block like a navy

So sleep on a ni**a get you rocked like a baby


I'm the itty bitty ni**a with the big dreams

I don't go 50/50 with you less it s big cream

They say the small things in life that could flip things

And me and your girl got a thing ain't no big thing

Sickest ni**a living stick'em in them

Ditches run up on me if you into stitches

It's just intuition intermission

Never cause I'm clever niggas into wishin'

Wish a ni**a would wish him well

He'll need intervention due to inhibition and addition

Of when you get in the vision of a hyper

Spiteful delightful rival with sniper rifles

I'm twice as nice as bible recitals minus the title

The Eiffel tower your idol the highest title the vital


Not to mention the chosen flow so cold these scriptures is cryogenic-ally frozen


I am serious period whatever pyramid that my identity goes in

Let it be known

I wrote this in hieroglyphics I'm here to be throned

I hope you cowards can dig it I'm heir to the throne

Behold the powerful gift that I share in the song

Just don't stare at me wrong

Yeah I'm house hunting looking to house something

I change the subject you ain't about nothing

This ain't about stunting but I'm a rich ni**a

Rich on the inside yeah that's a big bigger

I would've sit with you but this the cool table

Oh yeah your girl 8 balls without a pool table

And y all can't floss without a shoe label

And yeah we move cane to make the moves able

Hold up flash back it was me and C

He told me how to cook the d**e told me be a G

You tryna get up in the door got to see a key

Now ni**a we in the house like a b& e


My ni**a marty held us down we was cmb

No nino no g money just the g in me

So when you see the block click yeah you see the streets

They the nwa to my easy e hold up


You see we re flexing through cleaner

Groupies sweating the king Gucci sweats in the beamer

Gucci links on my neck herringbone with the Nefertiti piece

With the diamonds and rubies out of the freezer


Uh my nautical column starts from sharpest decreasing

Creases the thought of a dollar sparks interest

Though we never had interest in college talks

We still tryna bring that drop out look how I walk

I'm a hustler

Hey los bro give me a beat

I make something out of nothing used to live in the street

Tryna me nage with mills like Nick and Meek

Our precision with division till the mission complete

Two vixens a week been discrete so she hope It's a fling

Wide asleep I'm too focused to dream

Doing shots I don't notice a thing

Eyes drop when I float to the scene

So much swag yeah the boy he turned los to a king

That's my ni**a for life

I need five for a show and I ain't dropping a price

To me these niggas light I don't feed into hype

If you got it and I want it I'll see you tonight right


I'll flat line em like a hyphen

I don't need to write this off the head like isis

Ten for my likeness two hundred for the NIKEs


She tryna be my wifey these hoes don t excite me