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Hazmat Rap

Czarface19 Feb 2013

Hazmat Rap Lyrics

Hazmat Rap - Czarface

Just talk about


Just talk about


Just talk about


Just talk about


Just talk about


Put your hardhats on

We going to work


Get a little dirty

Just talk about


This is Hazmat rap

Scratch that

When this is rocking

See niggas droppin'like

The NASDAQ stats

Black popping like a a**

That's fat

Trapping that cash

On top of that

I'm getting ASCAP stacks

I-N-S I never sleep


Meaning I'mma all-nighter liver

Than the Tribeca streets


Is never in your reach

Straight to the bone

They call me bonafide homes

Then capice

Y'all be on that other sh*t

This is that gutter sh*t

Your team be junk mail

Just a waste of a click

Telling me to axe somebody so

I had to hack somebody

Pop a stupid question

And I leave 'em with

My hatchet bloody

Rappers study and they

Tried to gather data from me

I earned my stripes

So my wets match my rugby

Raps is ugly and all

The hoodrats love me

All thugs go to heaven

But no cats above me



Time for this realness


Fly like I'm gone in a cape

Rebel I try blocking my pace

Get rocked in your face

Y'all old

There's homage to pay

Or catch a vist

From my young G's

I don't need problem with Jake

Just shimmy shimmy ya

Shimmy yam shimmy yay


Give me the mic

And watch a ni**a display

Born penitentiary hard

Oh my god

Yeah I'm from the home

Of the mobsters crooks and cons

F**k Patrón

You need shots of Cortisone

You ain't Corleone

Or N O R E 'n'Capone

More like Norah Jones

With your boring poems

Save that Rambo act for Stallone

That style's got a thousand dads

Mine's at an orphan's home

Smoking on the porch alone

Killing it with a gorgeous tone

Flow bellissimo

Like I record in Rome

I'm in the water

Orca clone whaling on y'all

Rouge status

No Palin on y'all

I be back in the game

Attacking lames

Assailant on y'all

I'm Spidey scaling on walls

This is pharaoh biz

Why your man bailin'on y'all

I be shredding like

I got Eddie Van Halen on call

Hell Cycle transmission


Never failing on y'all