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In Cold Blood

Scarface6 Aug 2002

In Cold Blood Lyrics


Songs Title:in cold blood


I started small time d**e game pushin on the corner

Twenty cent cook-up fifty flippers if you want 'em

Full of formaldehyde my clothes wreakin marijuana

Cops rollin up on us my neighborhood's like a sauna

Pistol-grippin insurin won't nobody run up on us

But if they do f**k 'em we murderous nickel-dome 'em

I ain't playin no games I'm on a mission fo' the change

Motherf**k bein a lame I'm ten toes in the game - deep

I can't slip this whole world want me sleep

See I hustle like a predator and prey on the weak

And playin for keeps cause see it's a thin red line

Between a ni**a gettin his and me gettin mine

And plus I'm a ni**a with that feelin like it's my time

And anybody standin in the way of that is dyin

I bust nine how many times I gotta warn you

I ain't the one be pushin buttons in the sight of my gun

I'm the real live version of the Corleone family

So I spit this clearly so you hoes'll understand me

One wrong move and I'ma have to leave you for the goons

Catch you slippin asleep in your bedroom and then *BLAM*

Get you Audi now what the f**k was this dude thinkin

You can cheat the rules of the streets and not leave stinkin

I can squeeze without blinkin I'm a cold-blooded ni**a

Bank robber (ooooh) I'm a natural born killer

Drug dealer anything it took to survive

Even if it took a ni**a to die I'm a gangsta

I got a brick from a sucker that he wanted to move

But the whole while I'm cookin I'm like "F**k this dude"

It's on thirty-six zones of my own

Keep the money fo' myself and take the work back home

Call that ni**a on the phone (ay) I just got knocked

And the cops was askin bout you come get me hot

Never showed so f**k him and the money that I owed

I got a get rich quick scheme steppin on the dough

It's cold but that's it I'm on it like I want it

And twenty-eight cash and change the whole game on it

That means I'm on my feet and I can front the homies D

Break 'em off a couple of C and double up they fee

Takin over shoot up they spot make it hot

And when the cops dry it out put my work on the block

And if they wanna ride for they corners we ride right with 'em

Dummy move whole thing the goon squad get 'em

No mo' petty rock hustlin I'm in for the run

And I'm fo'sho I'm gon' be murdered for this sh*t that I done

But I'ma die standin up cause I'm a stand up ni**a

F**k dyin like a b**ch on my knees I'm a killer

So don't nobody cry cause I was destined to get it

Just remember I'm the one who took the d**e game and flipped it

And pimped it and destroyed everything in the way

Of me seein first motherf**kin light of the day

A trigger man deadly as f**k with a loaded AK

Spot my enemy and kill him the American way

I turned a dream into reality with a f**k you mentality

Silencin all these niggaz in the neighborhood who challenged me

Family grievin from they loved one's mortality

He ain't got a reason to die then kill hi it's a tragedy



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