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Mrsissues (Explicit)

NexXthursday20 Oct 2017

Mrsissues (Explicit) Lyrics

Mrsissues (Clean) - NexXthursday

Lyrics by:David H. Foreman Jr./Jayd Daniels/Jasmin Nutgent/Dominik Wirsching/Terrance Rowe

You got some issues you got some issues some issues

I'm with my you with your

I mean I'm with my you with your friends your friends

No disrespect I won't say it again but

Please stop telling your girlfriends what be going on in my home

These girls tweeting 'bout me

And I don't know none of these hoes

You don't be checkin them anyway anyway

You like to play all that victim

You wanna front like you innocent

You the one getting us into


When we got a problem you tell your momma your momma

You tell your side to only your sidegirl

We go to bed and you want me to kiss you

Girl you got issues you got some issues

'Cause you got some issues

You got some issues

Yeah you got some issues

Boy for the record you airin me out on your records

You callin' me out on my name

Why don't you tell 'em the facts 'cause you know

There's three sides to every story I know

The side that I'm telling gon' hurt your ego

Yea you a lie but it's more than a lie

Don't even know how I tried f**king around with your type

And you mad 'cause I'm back in the club

What you expect when all you show is neglect

Boy as a matter of fact

Yea I been lying but only to cover my crying

And you said that I got some issues

The truth is I f**king miss you

Don't let this thing get to your head n***a

Don't do something that you gon' regret n***a

You can tell your other I got some hands for her

I guess we got issues

Ooo we got some issues

Yeah you got some issues ohhh

You got some issues

You's telling me I got issues

I'm really really really ya

You got some issues


What you gonna do about it yeah