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Detroit State of Mind (Remix) ((Explicit)(Remix))

Elzhi20 Dec 2011

Detroit State of Mind (Remix) ((Explicit)(Remix)) Lyrics



It's Elmatic

It's Elmatic

Yeah, I'm a start this sh*t off, man

Yo, rappers I monkey-flip 'em, gorilla-stomp 'em

I'm out here with the dealers pumpin, the killers dumpin

Dead bodies in Lake Michigan that shake fishermen

Pimps turn into pastors, the fake bishops in the churches

Impostors determined of which you purchase

Or who you murked just a week ago dig up from search

And police raids Increase grades, someone deceased made

The front page and the priests prayed he went to heaven but the beast stayed

Now it's a war, flowers at more, funerals

You seen this boy go a few hours before

It's just the same story, they cutting more keys

When someone OD's in the same building on the same story

It's that ruthless drug addict, toothless turned doofus

Responsible for how wasted the youth is

We run up in your shop and steal, popping pills

At the house party with a hoodrat copping feels

F**ked her raw, mentality's like

F**k the law, nowadays niggas buck when they woulda snuffed ya jaw

In the shittiest schemes where money is power

And shots go off at the funniest hour

Now it's breaking news, it's best that you stay awake than snooze

They taking lives or they taking shoes

I jot it down like I'm Langston Hughes

And paint a picture in my good book that's full of verses

That ain't the scripture or from a religion

Judges put men under the prison

Shawties screamin they riders but ain't none of 'em drivin

I try to school cause they dropped out, once they popped out the p**sy

They mad because they p**sy pops out, now they a bastard

Life can be fatal in the hazard, from the cradle to the casket

I'm rightfully raised around a life of crime, snitches droppin dimes

I think of rhymes when I'm in a Detroit State of Mind

Detroit State of Mind

Detroit State of Mind

Detroit State of Mind

Detroit State of Mind

Be havin dreams that I'm a gangsta, sippin the bottles of Rozay

Chillin with my out of town connect named Jose

Tryna hustle for more pay, police in my do' way

I never have my head in the clouds cause they could go gray

And that ain't my forte, so f**k a job

And who I stuck and robbed just the other day

Who's listenin to what they mother say, about finishin school

To get they GED, while crackheads tryna sling an HDTV

For rocks and snorts, the fast life is why the time on ya clocks is short

Even the shorties pullin Glocks from they boxin shorts

Rap sheet be so long that it shocks the course

It's why we called the Murder City

Tip a stripper then you can purr the kitty

Bad Boys before we heard of Diddy

Word, to Maserati, Rick, Demetrius Holloway

And those who celebrate by bustin guns on a Holiday

Happy to see another year, and it begins

Was told to watch for enemies that pretend to be friends

They hit you with the setup, I seen it all with my own two

The hood is like a glasshouse the Devil throws stones through

Many'll stress off the henny or sess

Maybe because the city is built above where Indians Rest

In Piece, police found deceased, it's hair raising like Kelis

D-boys high, and workin they fleece, and bubble?

I knew this fly chick, pretty right, she was my type that cracked sh*t

Wasn't hyped, she fell in love with the pipe

She had dreams, of being the next D. Ross or the Supremes

Overdosed in the lot, between the plot and the schemes

Detroit State of Mind

Detroit State of Mind

Detroit State of Mind

Detroit State of Mind

Detroit State of Mind

Detroit State of Mind

Detroit State of Mind

Detroit State of Mind






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