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Atomic Food

David Guetta10 Jun 2002

Atomic Food Lyrics

Atomic Food (原子食物) - David Guetta (大卫.格塔)

Beaf Fish Lamb Water


Milk Cheese Pan Corn


Beas Rice Bread Tomatoes


Cucumber Brocoly Beet Carrots


Atomic Food

Oranges Bananas Onions Grappes


Chocolate Apples Lemon Potatoes


Celery Lettuce Cherry Ice cream


Yogurth Butter Jam Salt


Atomic food

Beaf Chicken Fish Lamb


Tomatoes Wine Brocoly Cucumber


Atomic Food

Onions Bananas Carrots Grappes


Bread Apples Lemon Potatoes

Celery Lettuce Coconut Jam


Butter Chocolate Bread Ice cream


Atomic Food


The beaf The chicken The fish


The lamb The water The milk The

Cheese The carrot


The corn The rice The beans the bread


The brocoly The butter


The carrot The orange


The lettuce The pinnapple


The jam The chocolate The wine


The eggs The salt The pepper the onion


The rice The corn the sugar The garlic


The bread The water The grappe



Atomic food