Listen to Why Can't You Behave song with lyrics from Kathryn Grayson

Why Can't You Behave

Kathryn Grayson, Ann Miller, Howard Keel, Tommy Rail8 Oct 2013

Why Can't You Behave Lyrics

Why Can't You Behave (为什么你不能好好表现?) (《刁蛮公主》电影插曲) - Kathryn Grayson/Ann Miller/Howard Keel/Tommy Rail

Why can't you behave


Oh why can't you behave


After all the things you told me


And the promises that you make


Now baby why can't you behave


Why can't you be good


And do just as you should


Won't you turn that new leaf over


So your baby can be your slave


Now tell me why why can't you behave


There's a farm I know near my old home town


Where we two can go and try settling down


There I'll care for you forever


Cause you're all in the world I crave



Now baby can't you behave