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Stet Troop '88!

Stetsasonic20 Aug 2007

Stet Troop '88! Lyrics

Stet Troop '88! (LP版) - Stetsasonic

Stet Troop '88 '88 '88


Prince Paul DBC Wise

The Hip Hop Band

Fruitkwan Delite Daddy-O

I buy my clothes at the Gap I really know how to rap

I like root beer on tap and I'm a shorty strapped

And like Run once said I'm proud to be Black

And if I sat on a bus it wouldn't be in the back

And I reside in the East and all the Gods say peace

And ever since I started rappin' I've been Ebony Chief

And if I took the Pepsi Challenge I'd choose Dr Brown

Yo Wise let me hear that Stet Troop sound


Some people call me Kareem at work they call me Glen

I was on tour last year this year I'll do it again

And though I'm not a politician I know all my rights

I had a fight with a cop just last night

Address my girl 'my dear' been shootin' guns for years

And I never been a sucker givin' in to my peers

The Stet says a rhyme I'm always on time

Wait a minute let me think of my next line


Okay I eat at BBQ meat-eatin' days are through

I like it in Lake Charles I like Miami too

When I was in San Diego had to visit the zoo

And I don't like used cars so I'ma buy one new

I'm readin' Stephen King Joan Collins ain't my thing

Whenever I got beef I give (Name) a ring

I cool with Walter and Lumumba in an Aero Star

Yo Wise a little bit of that human guitar


Thank you

And in karate class love when it's time to spar

I tape the daytime soaps on a VCR

I drink low-fat milk to give my tummy a rest

I use in the shower 'cause I don't like

I eat my ice creams slow

Call Puerto Ricans bro

And when I had a yo yo

I had the one that glowed

I used to make go-karts

Now rappin' is my art

Scott La Rock still lives inside my heart


Now I'm a lover of hats

I make money in stacks

Love to watch The Box

Music video tracks

Always stayed in school

My mother raised no fool

And if I broke any rules

Then my pops got rude

Call me MC Delite a k a Shaheed

Here to teach and lead by my rhymin' spree

Make the crowd yell 'ho'

When I go solo

Yo Wise give me a taste of

What you gave Daddy-O


I love to cool and relax

With a girl that's real

She will chill at my place

And I will cook the meal

I've been so many places and saw many faces

One city I remember was the city of Vegas

Other night never quits prostitution's legit

And the crowd only cheered at the end of a skit

Oh one other fact I lost 300 smack

But soon I got the bets and I won it all back


All my sneakers are gold

On the mic I'm bold

Don't play me like I'm a kid

I'm 24 years old

I like to fly in a plane

Call a woman a dame

Like the Empire State

It's recognition I gain

Stet Troop and a beat

The world of Stet is complete

A lotta records are weak

But this one is unique

Like they were just grapes

Crushin' suckers we hate

Yo Wise come in on time

But not too late


On weekdays I build the weekends I chill

And the closer you listen

You detect the skill

Then you think in your head about the lyric I said

You kick beats in the bed

I be creatin' instead

People boogie in crowds

We can boogie alone

Though the music is loud you're in a 3D zone

Stet appearance react like a deck that's stacked

And like Radio Shack

We're all over the damn map


We like cordless mics

We ride ninja bikes

We don't sing heavy metal

And we don't wear spikes

We're classified as a fam

We operate six man

And if you call us a group

You get a body slam

Fruitkwan tailors clothes

Delite waxes foes

And we both rock house with Daddy-O

Paul's on the Technics Wise kicks the beats

And DBC is on the keys with the drum machine


Stet Troop '88 '88 '88



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