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Jail Bait

Andy Williams, Ella Fitzgerald22 Jan 2010

Jail Bait Lyrics

Jail Bait - Andy Williams (安迪·威廉姆斯)/Ella Fitzgerald

I'm running


Yes before it's too late


Trying to get away


From that jail bait


It's a rough temptation


But a common invitation


And a good association


But a quck elimination


That will take you out of circulation


Yes I'm talking about

That younger generation


So take my advice fellas


For goodness sake


15 16 17 that's jail bait


Now they swear that they're in love


That you and her got stars above


And she's lookin' mighty good


Just like a young girl should


Well we try to tell ya no


And let that young girl go


But you you know it all


You have yourself a ball


And now that it's too late


As you look from cell number eight


I tried to tell yo old mate


17 and one-half is still jail bait


So tomorrow's the date


For the trial of jail bait


And this you watch and see


The young girl will go free


And you'll get one to three


So out the door she walks


To another man she talks


Before you can count


From one to eight


Another man in for

Jail bait


Please mister judge


If you just let me go this time


I won't mess with them

Young girls no more


I swear I'm not gonna bother

Them no more Mister Judge


I ain't gonna bother none fifteen


I ain't gonna bother none sixteen


I ain't gonna bother none seventeen


I ain't gonna mess with none eighteen


I'm gonna leave them twenty-year-old

Ones alone too


Gonna get me a girl about forty-two


If you just believe what I say and

Let me go Mister Judge


Please Mister Judge I ain't gonna

Bother then young girls no more


Gimme a break Mister Judge


Please Mister Judge


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