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Hit the Deck11 Apr 2006

XXsex Lyrics

XXsex - Hit the Deck

So you don't shoot up

And you don't smoke weed

But it's suddenly okay to do the deed

Follow your thing around all day and night

Looking to get laid by anything in sight


Wasn't this supposed to be a call to arms


Against anything that will do us harm

Be sure to go vegan and yell protest chants


But you can't keep tall tommy in your pants

Bring back the third X

It's painful for me to watch you live this way

Treating your body like a used Chevrolet


You don't smoke and of course you don't drink

But it's okay at least you can think

Scene sex is fine if you're in a band

As long as an X is drawn on your hand

Your edge is straight but your vans a rocking

To bring back the X we're coming knocking





Bring it back go