Listen to Lonesome Polecat song with lyrics from Bill Lee

Lonesome Polecat

Bill Lee, Matt Mattox, Jeff Richards, Tommy Rall30 Sep 2011

Lonesome Polecat Lyrics

Lonesome Polecat - Bill Lee/Matt Mattox/Jeff Richards/Tommy Rall

I'm a lonesome polecat lonesome sad and blue


'Cause I ain't got no feminine polecat


Vowin' to be true


Can't make no vow to a herd of cows


I'm a mean old hound dog bayin' at the moon


'Cause I ain't got no lady friend hound dog


Here to hear my tune


A man can't sleep when he sleeps with sheep


I'm a little old hoot owl hootin' in the trees


'Cause I ain't got no little gal owl fowl


Here to shoot the breeze



Can't shoot no breeze with a bunch of trees