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Wishing for Your Love

The Clovers26 Apr 2005

Wishing for Your Love Lyrics

Wishing for Your Love (期盼你的爱) - The Clovers

Written by:Horton

Star light

Star bright


I wish


I might


Ever wish


I wish tonight

Oh I am wishing


And I am longing


Yearning for your kiss




And praying

And longing


For that heavenly bliss

Yes I am hoping


Hmm hoping


That one day I'll be blessed


When you

Say I'm

Your only



Wishing wishing wishing is all I do

Waiting waiting

Waiting in vain for you

If you'll say you'll be mine

And make all my dreams come true

I'll be completely

Forever yours

I pray that someday


You'll say

What I long to hear

My dear

So I'll keep waiting

And wishing


For your love


My dear

So I'll keep




And wishing


For your


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