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Thank Goodness

Kristin Chenoweth, Carole Shelley 7 Feb 2019

Thank Goodness Lyrics

Thank Goodness - Kristin Chenoweth/Carole Shelley

Ev'ry day more wicked

Ev'ry day the terror grows


All of Oz is ever on alert

That's the way with Wicked

Spreading fear where e'er she goes

Seeking out new victims she can hurt


Like some terrible green blizzard

Throughout the land she flies


Defaming our poor Wizard

With her calumnies and lies

She lies


Save us from the Wicked

Shield us so we won't be hexed


Give us warning

Where will she strike next


Where will she strike next


Where will she strike next


Fellow Ozians


As terrifying as terror is let us put

Aside our panic

For this one day and celebrate


Oh what a celebration

We'll have today

Thank Goodness

Let's have a celebration

The Glinda way

Thank Goodness

Fin'lly a day that's

Totally Wicked-Witch free


We couldn't be happier

Thank Goodness



We couldn't be happier

Right dear

Couldn't be happier

Right here

Look what we've got

A fairy-tale plot

Our very own happy ending

Where we couldn't be happier


True dear

Couldn't be happier

And we're happy to share

Our ending vicariously

With all of you

He couldn't look handsomer

I couldn't feel humbler

We couldn't be happier

Because happy is what happens

When all your dreams come true


Oh and Glinda dear

We're happy for you As Press

Secretary I have striven

To ensure that all of Oz

Knows the story of your braverism


The day you were first summoned

To an audience with Oz

And although he would not

Tell you why initially

When you bowed before his throne

He decreed you'd hence be known

As Glinda the Good officially


Then with a jealous squeal

The Wicked Witch

Burst from concealment


Where she had been lurking



I hear she has an extra eye


I hear some rebel Animals

Are giving her food and shelter


I hear her soul is so unclean

Pure water can melt her


Melt her


Please somebody go

And melt her

Do you hear that

Water will melt her People

Are so empty-headed

They'll believe anything


Fiyero Oh yes

Thanks plenty dearest He's gone to

Fetch me a refreshment


He's so thoughtful that way

That's why I couldn't be happier


No I couldn't be happier


Though it is I admit

The tiniest bit

Unlike I anticipated

But I couldn't be happier


Simply couldn't be happier


Well not "simply"


'Cause getting your dreams

It's strange but it seems

A little well complicated

There's a kind of a sort of cost

There's a couple of things get lost


There are bridges you cross

You didn't know you crossed

Until you've crossed


And if that joy that thrill


Doesn't thrill like you think it will


With this perfect finale

The cheers and the ballyhoo

Who wouldn't be happier

So I couldn't be happier


Because happy is what happens

When all your dreams come true


Well isn't it


Happy is what happens

When your dreams come Aaah

True We love you Glinda

If we may be so frank

Thank Goodness


For all this joy

We know who we've got to thank

Thank Goodness


That means the Wizard Glinda


And fiance

They couldn't be goodlier


She couldn't be lovelier

We couldn't be luckier

I couldn't be happier

Thank Goodness:



Thank Goodness for today


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