Listen to All I Ever Wanted song with lyrics from Chuck Wicks

All I Ever Wanted

Chuck Wicks22 Jan 2008

All I Ever Wanted Lyrics

Artist:chuck wicks

Songs Title:all i ever wanted


Girl you got me goin'

Yeah I think you know it

Oh I'm ready for this ride

So c'mon take my hand

'Cause only you you understand

How to kick this feelin' into

Drive all night with me

Sing the favorite song to sleep

Under the stars on the hood of our car

It's all I ever wanted

All I ever wanted

Was to see you in the pale moonlight

Just the way you look tonight

And maybe someday

If love comes our way

We'll be walkin' in the meadow in the early spring

You'll be twirlin' in a sundress wearing my ring

Can you see it

Girl I believe that it's true

All I ever wanted all I ever really wanted

Was you

If life is what you make it

Here's my chance I'll take it

You know I want to make you mine

I had this picture in my mind

And you were in it all the time

So baby hold on tight



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