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Hot Damn I'm Great

Poor Righteous Teachers6 Nov 2015

Hot Damn I'm Great Lyrics

Hot Damn I'm Great - Poor Righteous Teachers

Culture Freedom


Heavens to Merkatroid *Snagglepuss imitation*

Posse friends God tend to the teacher

Stammered at me concept teacher mosh it up right

PRT p osse boy ghetto with philosophers

All can't get enough of this drummer common insight check

Here comes the teacher with another funky new


Radical butt ***** booty stinkin form of thinkin

Off an on step concept tell em Culture Freedom

Shall I sex this (Well God it's sexy )

This this step steppers come and steppers swingin

Most blacks back back-up what the hell we bringin

G-fine nearly singin my rhythm hit the roof

This one's dedicated to the CISI missing youth cause

This hit the teacher with another style of mashin up

A damn dance jams get jammed by the PRT p-osse

(and) Tone can I get a sound check well can I start this

(Yo Wise it's started)

You know I look into the mirror see myself and then

I always often say "Hot damn I'm great"


Chorus: repeat two lines 3X

Hot damn I'm great


See me forgetting on the top of every set

Heard about million and one of my songs

My favorite's Holy Intellect

Check Wise on the rise I emerge from slum

Come one come all see the teacher heal the dumb

Cause this hit the teacher givin birth to a ghetto style

Display most poor people of the planet

Can relate to poverty in a song

Conquered and divided tricked and undecided

Black people in oppresion so the old ones tell about it

So when I forget ya what I think ya need to know

Understanding jamming mind

And Culture Freedom tell ya so

No black no white cause black be's first

Son of man take a stand for black children of the earth

Just just check out teacher and the way that I evolved

Since last time I'm truely perfection


But don't balance this with the other LP

For the last rhymes cause there's no connection

If I was the DJ Father Sha he'd

Come and tell em what I'd say

"Hot damn I'm great"

Chorus: repeat two lines 4X

See draw the clear picture of the teacher teachin this

It's sort of smooth roughness


Plus this flow go more miles back

God's gotta be that of a leader in this thing called rap

Cause this hit the teacher on the

Roads often travelled

By the multitude Culture Freedom knows it best

Some of them got a problem with

The Gods in the house

Cause we don't sleep traitor interpretate this


Allah equal God equal He with supreme qualities


You best believe God's real and

If it's God Sha it's gotta be

("Tribe called P R T-T ")

Culture Free Father Sha and me cause

This hit the teacher on a whole nother level

With a clear scope and range on things hang

Out by the speaker if you're weak or come and eat

From the strong song that's

If you are what you eat

Never will I teach ya that of poison and disguise it

With a beat the tree of life be's me

Sweet chariot come fi carry me home and I pray

"Hot damn I'm great"

"Hot damn I'm great

"Hot damn I'm great



*interpretations of chorus to end