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The Drop

Nick Brewer, Little Simz26 May 2014

The Drop Lyrics

The Drop - Nick Brewer/Little Simz

Written by:Simbiatu Aj


Bear with me

I'm begging you please

Just bear with me


Tryina bet on my dreams

I been setting the scene

You're there with me


So let's take our time


I'm pretty straight laced

No crazy times


They've been sleeping on me

Call 'em lazy times

And I've been making rhymes

With these mates of mine

And I'm in a state of mind

Where I hate to lie


'Cause I be on my best behavior

My goodness what is left to see

But I speak kinda peaked

Who times a thief

Find a beat

Let me wrap my piece and

Then I'll breathe


Till I'm back with a black

Backpack full of bars


Wait let me track back

Back to the start


Just me and a load to miss

I roll with my homies

Only go the state

They show me the ogs

So I hold and wave but wait


Of course I was gassed for

I can die too

Can a war wore like a force

And the hats


Last year I got a music role

Just a kid in a studio

I know they idolize

But hold in straps

I never knew they were shooting though

So turn it up


I'm here baby




So turn it up


I'm here baby




Picture me in your wildest dreams


I said rain won't fall

From the heavens no more

I don't wanna play no more

I just want a stage on tour

I just wanna work for a passage

Get lost in the madness

And just open that door

Hear the crowd roar

Lights won't blind my eyes

Shake hands and give 'em an encore

This that thief in the night

Tryina to decide if

They role to steal won't work


'Cause they take your words

That you built upon

When I pour my heart in that verse

It's absurd ain't it

A little confusing ain't it


Space is all I want


See them cool dudes that I came with

Sketch my soul then paint it


Tell the whole world my story

We should live for the glory

Praise to those who came before me

'Cause they opened doors for me

This might be a lucid dream


Got my eyes wide shut and a drink

In my cup but sh*t ain't what it seems

I ain't never had a fear of flying

Though I'm lifted from these streets


See I just came here to kill sh*t

That's real sh*t by any means

Believe in me lasts way better

If you a free spirit keep on

Rolling when you hear these lyrics

Make it be known now we coming worldwide

Make it be known that this sh*t's

For life and now is the time


So turn it up


I'm here baby




So turn it up


I'm here baby




Since the god I've fallen

For don't call no more


It's like I don't love

'Cause I don't go to school no more


I've been dumb in the past

I can't act a fool no more


Never can be a fool parting is cool


And I just wanna say what I gotta say


No games I don't wanna play


And I don't like to brag but

I fly the flag riding the fax

I'm mad like wiley get molly

Get michael jackson

Get inside of my mind it's smart

I'm finally finding this light

Think I lie I begin time tagging out like sh*t


You can't hit think I'm

Standing alone holla my young


Friend family good for

This man that I know buying into chrome


Got me mad in a row this side I know

Still can see me in a white

Jacket and tight jeans

Run up beside me getting stressed

I got stamina now I'm next

I keep bragging a lot for myself


Wait let me breathe for a sec


And please keep it in check till


My heart don't beat in my chest