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Czar Refaeli

Czarface, Oh No of Gangrene19 Feb 2013

Czar Refaeli Lyrics

Czar Refaeli - Czarface/Oh No of Gangrene

It is what it is my ni**a yeah


More motherf**king verbal madness


More motherf**king beat downs


More smashing your motherf**king head into the f**king wall


Oh No let's get it


Everytime I spit it's like a hammer spray

Each word is a bullet in the hand of ain't

Infinite ammunition in the chamber gauge

I lay down anybody within the range


Sitting passenger seat up in my ni**a's Range

Windows down and smelling like the illest strain

Can't outsmoke the o's it's like a loaded train

I derail your tracks then yell my name (Oh No )

Homie I'm a menace to the music

O-Dog when he shootin can't nobody do sh*t


But I'd rather get my brain boosted

While I'm getting brain from this pretty young thang movin


Now that right there

I call it head stock

Rising in the charts with Czarface

Get your head start

With the old hood order I'm Red Fox

Pushing big stones out the quarry like Bedrock


The bars are we the bars are we


The bars are we the bars are we

I pen heat Hardaway

Surgical gloves blood on my prada frames

Smoother than Sade operates

Spit until the nozzle ache

Currency tall what your dollar say

You only a boss at your mama's place

I lay my head with a left fly and choppers chase


Getting bread pies and cookies on top of cakes

Wu conglomerate honor me great

I know that ya'll relate darling your face

Eating pasta plates not today time


My name they got the same

Monumental like Diana as Billie Holiday


Part of day beats from the east

Release for honest pay

Why for beloving never mind what the coppers say

Shop club on top of my game

You can spot em with the model dame

Whole team poppin the same rep Marvin Gaye

Sharking they ways these niggas Jon Benet

Trademark morphine/morphing flow

Watch your body shake


The bars are we the bars are we

The bars are we the bars are we

Bodies everywhere headstones and leg groins

Iron fist in a velvet glove

I know you felt the love

F**k your lead tool

I'll murk you like Deadpool

Decapitate you early

So I stay ahead of schedule

We arrogant Holmes

Dap kings no Sharon Jones

We pharaohs in thrones

Something hairy with the poems

I am a carnivorous beast

I'm made of metal and spikes

I made the living deceased

We some rebels on mics

I'm on the building and I'm sniping the hater

I'm Charlie Manson in a darth helmet : Psycho In Vader/Invader

Eso spazzin on that stupid a**

Spit til the computer crash

Have you breathing through a mask

Like Bane or maybe Tuukka Rask

I am taking you to task kill you let the funeral pass

I guarantee the coffin fit

Like the cats through the grass

I ain't joking feed your family to Logan


It's like 1000 flows I'm over and get buried through the map