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Des'ree, Babyface25 Jun 1998

Fire Lyrics

Fire (火焰) - Des'ree/Babyface (娃娃脸)

You're riding in my car

I turn on the radio

I'm pulling you closer

But you keep telling me no

You say you don't like that

But I know that you're a liar

'Cause when we kiss




Late at night

You're taking me home

You say you wanna stay

But I want you to go

I say I don't love you

But you know I'm a liar

'Cause when we kiss


Fire oh Fire lalala Fire oh

You had a hold on me right from the start

A grip so tight I couldn't tear it apart


My nerves all jumping acting like a fool

Your kisses might burn

But my heart stays cool


Well Romeo and Juliet

Samson and Delilah


Baby you can bet

They were burning with desire

If I say split you say split

Then I know that I'd be lying

'Cause when we kiss


Fire oh Fire oh Fire na Fire oh

When we kiss

I'm on fire

Your tenderness

Gives me desire

I can't resist

Your tender lips

When we kiss


Fire oh Fire oh cant resist tender lips

Fire oh Fire oh Fire oh

Fire Fire Fire


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❤❤ never gets old so loving this

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Jay Judah Matlou


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Love it big time