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Lonely River

Susan Ashton4 Jul 2005

Lonely River Lyrics

Lonely River - Susan Ashton


Lonely river


You meander like a road


Stretching out into the great unknown


With solitary movement

You're compelled and you're enthralled


As though you're answering a distant call


Lonely river


Is there a place you're running to


Or is it something that you're running from


Is it hope that keeps you going

Is it faith that makes you strong

Lonely river lonely river running on


Lonely river


In the stillness of the night


Your restless nature keeps you raging on


Changing courses

Shallow waters tangent streams

Lonely river do you wonder what it means


Lonely river


I think I am a lot like you


Winding on in hopes to find the sea


And flooded by uncertainties

The current can be strong


But drifting towards our destinies

The arm of God is long


And I believe that through this journey

'Til we're finally home



Lonely river we will never run alone