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Me Singing

Julian Cope9 Sep 1996

Me Singing Lyrics

Me Singing - Julian Cope

Written by:Julian Cope


I may be there


Maybe try to comfort me with


My vacant stare


Which hangs above your vacant chair


Eyes are lost in mine


Or they my eyes lost in yours I


Try to entwine


The wonder that we have there


Oh no no dear


Have you been coming here again


Listening to me singing


Or is it me singing loud and clear and

I was not without you


But I tried so hard to be you


No no not without you


I'm being very good at being you but


All the times that we shared


I knew that my eyesight was being impaired

I knew


Something was wrong


And I soon found out it was bad


And everything I do


Seems to be reflecting you I


Try my hand at work


Oh work seems to be for an earlier person


I'm not too late


Please don't leave me out there you say


You're not too late


To come and hear me singing


All the time


I feel bad all the time

I was there singing


I was there singing


But you never knew


All the times I spent being you


To make up for you not being here



And all those times we shared