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박재범, King Leez, Anthony Danza, 김효은7 Jun 2019

GRAYGROUND Cypher Lyrics


GRAYGROUND Cypher (Feat. King Leez, Anthony Danza, Keem Hyo-Eun, pH-1, Geo of Blue Scholars, Chaboom & DJ Wegun) (Prod. By GRAY) - 박재범 (朴宰范)/King Leez/Anthony Danza/김효은 (金孝恩)/pH-1/Geo of Blue Scholars/차붐 (Chaboom)/DJ Wegun (디제이 웨건)

Lyrics by:Jay Park/King Leez/Anthony Danza/Keem Hyo-Eun/pH-1/Geo of Blue Scholars/Chaboom

Composed by:GRAY/DAX/Jay Park

Arranged by:GRAY/DAX

Scratch by:DJ Wegun

Never again never again

Will I go broke me and my friends

Comin' up haters we shut up em

Korean Zombie like uppercut way we hit em

아무 recipe 없이 정상을 10년째 유지하지

Don't give a f**k

좆대로 원한 걸 하면서 존나게 허슬하지

이 위치는 내가 유일해 I'm the only one

나 홀로 이 부담 나눌 사람은 없단 걸

내 회사 두 개 가족 친구들 다 책임져

불가능해 보여도 어떤 방법 쓰던 get it done

다 가짜여도 어쩔 수 없다는 걸 난 알아챘어

그 세계에서 나를 뺐어 그건 못써 적응했어

나보다 나쁜 새끼 많아도 난 벌을 섰어

엄마 못 봐서 울었던 내가 좀 많이 컸어

언제부터 갱스터 친구들이 많이 생겼어

아무리 케이팝이어도 real recognize real

끼리끼리 뭉쳐 내뱉어 the s**t u feel

H1GHR AOMG 계약하면 that's a f**kin' deal

이 비트 태워 GRAY 형한테 바로 사과해

난 CJ한테 우리 아티스트 챙기라고 압박해

난 예수처럼 모두 잘 되라고 내 몸 희생해

자꾸 원하지 않은 놈들이 나한테 기생해 d**n

이건 랩 스킬로 커버 안돼

음원 1위 하고 팬 많아도 커버 안돼

난 영혼에서만 나오는 기법 써

흉내 아닌 아무나 못 따르는 진정성

It's Jay

Got the call from Park I thought my momma passed

Sitting in the dark reciting knowing every line will gas

Never made the honor roll never seen an honor class

Leez was in the streets you had to visit me behind a glass

Snot nose kid ready to pop that Sig

Ready to mop them n***as show 'em they not that big

They tell me watch this clip

Look what the cops just did

They killed another civilian and so the plot gets thick

So what's your worst fear what you working with and what's your worth here

Passionate about it ever since I shed my first tear

Killers lamping round him so it's obvious they work here

Payroll shooters who maneuver with him through turfs yea yea

Seeing results and hoping we deserve it

Father figure took him for dessert then later he deserted

Catching major cases wasn't there to see them read the verdict

Label me as dangerous but you clearly see he needs a purpose

Ain't nobody perfect ain't nobody perfect trying to break the surface

I'm just knowing that no one can stick a-round as the earth

As they lurking I know I see 'em I got 20/20

I hope they finally approach me cause I got plenty fullys


Day dreams vanilla cake & apple pies

Soda fountains mountains alps and alibis

I'm the plug like Bon Scott

In the game John Snow

Vision like John Stock

We went from huggin' the block to feelin' the glow

5 star tels towels champagne still stealing the robes

Microwave generation but still on the stove

That analog Pyrex is still in my soul

On your marks ready set go ready invest

It's still Air Max 90's the hoodies & vests

Michael Jordan's playground like could he be next

Couldn't jump so I jumped the train like Woody & Wes

Get the call I still knock a body off

Kick it like Chun Li even where my son be

Underground s**t I keep my pimp where my Bun B

Now put your hands where the sun be

This a stick up

1lly AMBITION 다 해 먹어 그럼 쟤네들은 삐져

돌아갈 수는 없지 않냐 이 몸이 돌다리 그지 시절

나를 무시하던 놈들의 주둥이에다가 달았지 zipper

나를 무시하던 년들의 가랑이 사이는 열렸지 zipper

돈 빌려 달라는 친구놈한테는 말하지 병신아 미안

줄 서 기다려 샹 내가 주는 대로 받아 처먹어라 식판

기껏 CD 한 장에 서운해하며 우리 친구 아닙니까

그런 CD 한 장 니 돈 줘 사 봤냐 우리 친구 아닙니까

F**k it 사실 좆도 관심도 없지

너랑 나 그리 친하지도 않다고 yea

내게는 그리 진하지도 않다고 피

빌어먹을 집 구석 떠나와 living in a dream

이놈들은 꿀이나 빠는 배부른 Pooh

내가 꿈꾸던 삶을 살아보자니 술

살아보자니 붙어는 있더냐고 숨

아니 이대로 날아가 버려 저 멀리 우주

Now who the boss

You shoulda known

PH be the pseudonym

Came from a town without nothin'

Used to spin Jays for some profit

Couple years later

I'm rockin' a baller chain

My style is iced out freezin' the brain

Ahead of the rest

It's no competition

Don't ever try and cross me that's my proposition

But if you ever do you'll see me at the junction in a pro position

Stay alert and cautious expect repercussions

Shooting caffeine in the membrane as I grind harder

Only lookin' back so I can right my wrongs no ghost writer

A family of four

We used to dream of all the things we could never afford

Now I'm countin' cash and writing checks a bank teller

A way to show love to my mama but I still tell her

To verbalize a moment like this

We came a long way

Ain't nothin' new

That's why I always skip the front page

Time to turn these embers into to fire again

Itching like a baller coming back out of retirement

God of my ocean I been posted like leviathan

Technology been changing my environment

Mercury rising empires were meant to fall

Crystal ball upper levels melting like the Mendenhall

Same s**t from Seattle Seoul to Senegal

Digital dreams translated back to analog man

Dying harder than a old habit

Got two sons like Luke's home planet

Got a duffle bag of can in every color

Cause they tryin' to make us monochromatic

But they can't cause we on that international s**t

Pacific Rim Northwest to the opposite edge

Still on my scholar s**t without a scholarship

Been blessed but I don't need these f**kers to acknowledge it

Promises made in another era

Since '09 9 straight that's that escalera

My mind state's prime rate get your 3% up

I'm west coast like the plaza up in white center

True to the art

They love it when I'm zooming with Park

Been pursued while I'm bluest when I move in the dark

Contribution to the movement I'm just doin' my part

Always know how it ends but I don't know how it start

Come on

난 한몫 크게 땡겨 위로 가지 rocket launch

불을 뿜어 sucker punch 따위는 날 쓰러뜨릴 수는 없지

날아다녀 12라운드 벌어 유로 달러 파운드

정상은 추우니 지퍼 올려 내 구스다운

할렐루야 할렐루야

사탄에 사탕발림에도

안 뚫려 내 영혼은 bullet proof야

좁아지는 시야 제로의 영역에서도

간지 죽이는 드리프트 skirt see ya

참 멀리 돌아왔지 쌍스러워 쌈마이라 붙은 딱지

긁어 부스럼 eww 명치 세게 맞았지

내가 내 무덤을 판다 했지만 사실

난 나만의 방식 형제들과 판을 짰지

돈을 벌어 난 poppin' crystal champagne bottle now

배 터질 때까지 떠먹여 전부 다

가족 친구 다 태워 모가지 빳빳이 세워

이빨 까 우주로 가 내 뻥카 노빠꾸 I'm out


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