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Image Of A Girl

Mark Wynter30 Jul 2012

Image Of A Girl Lyrics

Image Of A Girl - Mark Wynter

Written by:Clasky


As I lie awake resting from the day


I can hear the clock passing time away


Oh I couldn't sleep for on my mind


Was the image of the girl


I hope to find


I look straight up at the ceiling above


Thinking of the girl whom I will love


Oh would it be soon when she exists


The image of the girl


I've always wished


I twisted and I turned


Through trying to sleep


But all I could do was only to weep


For I haven't found that image yet


Of all the girls that I have met


And now the clock is still passing time


And I know someday that she will be mine


And I know she'll always bring me love


For she's the image of the girl I love


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