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Broken Whiskey Glass

Post Malone9 Dec 2016

Broken Whiskey Glass Lyrics

Broken Whiskey Glass (破碎的威士忌酒杯) (Explicit) - Post Malone

Written by:Austin Post/T. Markous Roberts/Rex Kudo

I done drank Codeine from a broken whiskey glass


I done popped my pills and I smoked my share of grass


Slaved for the man and I broke my f**kin' back


So you can take your nine to five and shove it up your a**


And I won't go on like a highway to hell


Going too damn fast I spilled drink on my Chanel


And I woke up and my room's f**kin' trashed like a damn hotel


Where I go next now only time will tell


I done spent some time chasin' women that don't give a sh*t


I done learned my lessons and I ain't never gon' forget


Started callin' this sh*t

Started ballin' and sh*t started flickin' that wrist


They ain't never listened now

I'm makin' them hits so I'm f**kin' your b**ch


No it ain't nothin' fickle for me to forget that you ever exist


Bet you remember my name when I pull up

And dab with that doesn't exist skrrr

Spill lean on supreme aside

Let that sh*t splash motherf**ker talk saucey

Pass me the drugs motherf**ker let me shine

At the White House call my homie Joe Biden

He flyin' out w**d


Smokin' my d**e beggin' that that be the code

Man don't be silly that sh*t you rockin' is old

Like it's been years since you been to the store

Feel I need it but I ain't from Philly

I'm poppin' a wheelie I show off my grillie

I do this for really and for my family

Some shade every night man it's all so family

The b**ches they killin' me


Like b**ch are you kiddin' me

Ballin' that sh*t that sh*t killin' me

You can't get rid of me


Now you want my chain

And my jeans but you no good at chemistry


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