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Blood Diamonds

The Game11 Dec 2012

Blood Diamonds Lyrics

Jacob sold me my first couple pieces

I was killing niggas who misunderstood what diseased did

Spent half a mill on a Ferrari I coulda leased it


Driving Scott Storch's Bugatti 'fore they released it

Drop The Documentary rockin' khakis with creases

D**e and hip hop it resurfaced with some leeches

Ten times platinum now I'm chillin' where the beach is

Time to show the world what a motherf**kin' beast is

Blanca bullet proof cars in Sri Lanka


12 years old on his shoulder a rocket launcher

10 thousand miles away there's an owner of a corner store

A white man walks in spit shinin' his Audemar

While somewhere in Africa Jo-Burg and Congo is goin' to war

Rebels enslavin' they own people diggin' water or

Get murdered 'cus that choppa is a carnivore

He found one and stole it now the village tryna find that boy

Blood Diamonds


Look at Blood Diamonds

Blood Diamonds


Now take a look at Blood Diamonds


Blood Diamonds


Look at Blood Diamonds


Blood Diamonds


Now take a look at Blood Diamonds


How you sellin' the sh*t our people is diggin' for

Diamonds cotton that belong to niggas though

LeBron and Durantula gave America a look at gold

And what you give us back is another f**king liquor store

And we need blunts so we walk in that motherf**ker

Money in the safe so we in that motherf**ker

But you can't forget the tape tryna pin a motherf**ker


DEA ain't got a case I'm a win that mothercuker

And it ain't about the Chinese dude I eat Chinese food


Where you think Michael Jordan find these shoes

We robbin' each other for 'em think I should hide these jewels

Run up on you in broad day with them Siamese 2's

But nah Mandela did 28 straight

Without a f**king complaint put a afro on a saint

Put a wig on a judge put a ni**a in some chains

Over change kill him lethal injection inside his veins


Brutus killed Ceasar


And Judas killed Jesus


John Wilkes Boothe killed Lincoln

And you thought he freed slaves what the f**k was you thinkin'


Ni**a f**k Lincoln

I'm rolling up kush in my Lincoln now let it sink in

Rolled against Obama now you divin' in the deep end

I'd rather take my chances at this water fountain drinkin'

Where the f**k is the loyalty knock these niggas f**kin' teeth in

In the hood singin' like they Aubrey or The Weeknd


Pull that tile from under that door and let it seep in

There's a lot of sh*t I Don't Like so bring Chief Keef in

I don't like these phony a** jewelers with that fake sh*t

Overcharging niggas an arm and leg just to make sh*t

And you wonder why we take sh*t y'all put us on slaveships


That's the reason we hate sh*t rob my own niggas for them