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I'm Comin' Again

Poor Righteous Teachers6 Nov 2015

I'm Comin' Again Lyrics

I'm Comin' Again - Poor Righteous Teachers

God still shall commence


To show and prove thy third a power of Wise Intelligence

Wise G's comin' again again and again

Watch the move ghetto move

Ruffly rough smoothly smove

Yes some do wanna know why

We state the lyrics that are fresh

What's the time black man's time

There's no need axe me that

Why I'm an original teacher

Just for being that of black

Follow me now see


See I be puttin'


Those that ain't in place

And placin' that be good and plenty

See God be on that road

That leads to mastering one-twenty

From who's the original man to

How far's Pluto from the sun

Uphold the weight of earth and that's

Six sextillion tons

These devils lying to blacks

So through the teacher truth will come

The black man's God what's grafted is devil

And Jesus not Christian


The sun the seven the moon the star

There's sixteen shades to black

The proper education ay consider me exact

You lack you lose you lose you

Lost the knowledge of yourself

And if you don't know who you are

You won't know no-one else

I'm comin' again Wise G's comin' again again and again



Ahh ease up ahh yes a lot