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Come Up to My Place

Frank Sinatra1 Sep 2012

Come Up to My Place Lyrics

Come Up to My Place - Frank Sinatra (法兰克·辛纳屈)

Frank: Well my grandpa told me

Chip my boy there'll come a time when you

Leave home and if you should ever see New York

Be sure to see the Hippodrome

Betty: The Hippodrome

Frank: Yeah the Hippodrome

Betty: Did I hear right Did you say the Hippodrome

Frank Yes you heard me right yes I said the Hippo

Betty: (applies the brakes)

Frank: Hey what did you stop for

Betty: It ain't there any more They tore it down you know a dozen years


Frank: Oh I wanted to see that Hippodrome

Betty: Hey what year is that guide book anyway

Frank: Oh 1905

Betty: 19 hundred and 5 no wonder Don't you realize that a big city like

This changes all the time But there's one thing that doesn't change kid

Come up to my place

Frank: No My grandpa saw the girly show that will hold me hot and curly

And told me the hottest show in town is of the Floradora Girl

Betty: Floradora Girl

Frank:Yes the Floradora Girl

Betty:Did I dig right was that the Floradora Girl

Frank: Yes You dug right that was that was the Flora what stop for did


You hey

Betty: You may not feel that way That girly show folded up forty years

Ago Come up to my place

Frank: No My grandpa said I've seen New York in all its beauty and its

Power from the city's highest spot the famous Woolworth Tower

Betty: Woolworth Tower

Frank: Yes the Woolworth Tower

Betty: Hold up Bozo did you say the Woolworth Tower

Frank: Yes I said the Woolworth Tower What'd you stop for hey what

Betty: It ain't the highest spot not since the date they built the Empire

State Let's go to my place

Frank (Betty): Let's go to Cleopatra's Needle (Let's go to my place)

Let's see Wanamaker's store (Let's go to my place)

Let's go to Lindy's go to Lucha's (go to my place)

Let's see Radio City and Harold's Square (go to my place)

Go to Rueben's (go to my place) go to Macy's (go to my place)

Go to Roxy's (go to my place) Gimbel's (my place)


Madison Square (My place) (Hippodrome ) (My place )