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Barack Obama Special

Bas24 Aug 2018

Barack Obama Special Lyrics

Y'all hear the voice, y'all see the name, nigga

Biggie, it's Queens

Y'all know everything Barack Obama Special over here

He let's it fly


This one is dedicated to

My B***h ass neighbors, ha, ha, yeah

'Cause I'm livin' better now, better now

Bitch I'm livin' better now



I had to move 'cause neighbors so racist

My new crib fly though (sheesh)

Lookin' like the 4th of July though (fiends)

Lookin' like a frosted Gelato

Cool as a chill, Navy Seal n***a (pff, pff)

Hot as the heels on a field nigga

Puttin' in work, f**k how you feel

Buy my family trips, f**k value meals

Only lie to police, I ain't tyin' your leash

I got higher motives, f**k lyin' still

I am on a whole 'nother level

Got up out the street, ran up in the industry

Just to see, that I'm dealin' with a whole 'nother devil


Whatever last, smoke buddah, make more Gouda cheese

My whip European but the kid Sudanese

Got a laundry list of niggas with the list of they needs, holy

Them cats is prone to actin' phony

Get no actions ask the homies, you ain't know?

We miles ahead, the matrimony's dead

No time for fakes, my niggas make mistakes

Heard it all, the commentary's dead

They go to state, don't get no GPAs

Got GTAs, the commissary's fed

I pray to God, I call in my request

I tell Him my regrets

I tell nobody else how it feels

I cannot share the stress I'm feeling

Tell me things all decide you

I tell nobody else how it feels

I cannot share the stress I'm feeling


I can tell you're apprehensive and I can't ask why

I'm like fireworks in the Baghdad sky

I might be the second coming, I might be the end all

But I keep her comin', especially off the Henn' dog

In the end all rivers, lakes will dry out

But us involved we gon' leave a ocean of salt, Lord

So many love's lost, let count it with the gloves off

I need more fingers, Cole lingers long in my soul

Got my eyes down but I can't find ground

Ten toes holdin' the floor

Like I'm tied down but I can't find ground

We the same, thought you came from the roots too

So love ain't love like it used to be

You abstain from the blame if you chose to

But I'ma be here some years so get used to me


Tell me things all decide you

I tell nobody else how it feels

I cannot share the stress I'm feeling

'Cause for his new recital he go suicidal

Not me, blue recital, hit the main stage, I'm the coolest I know

How I maintain empty bottles in the silver buckets, say it's luck

Come and spend the day with us

I've been up the past 48, first 48 going great

Forty states in forty in days, got them motherfuckas goin' crazy

When all they waitin' on is me and I be waitin' on the scene


When you milk, you milk, you can't deny the milk


The only way to go is the milky way, my boy

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