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When We’re Older

James Blake11 Dec 2020

When We’re Older Lyrics

Song: When We’re Older

Artist: James Blake

Lyrics: Bankulli, Nicky Davey, Syd & Beyoncé

Composed: James Blake


If the storm comes, if we burn up

If the wells run dry

You\'re my reason to believe in

Another life


If it all ends, and it\'s over

If the sky falls fire

Best believe me, you will see me

On the other side


And if the earth shakes

Like the big \'quake

And our lives flash by

You\'re the first thing

I\'ll be seeking

With these arms of mine


And when we\'re older

And we\'re ready

To leave Earth behind

Here\'s to hopin\'

It\'s exactly


At the same damn time

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Miranda Riri Busakwe
Miranda Riri Busakwe