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Angels We Have Heard On High

Nirva Ready4 Oct 2011

Angels We Have Heard On High Lyrics

Angels We Have Heard On High - Nirva Ready

Angels we have heard on high


Sweetly singing o'er the plains


And the mountains in reply


Echoing their joyous strains


Shepherds why this jubilee


Why your joyous strains prolong


What the gladsome tidings be


Which inspire your heavenly song


Gloria (Gloria) Gloria


Sing merrily shout joyfully sing merrily shout joyfully

Every knee shall bow every tongue confess you alone are God ahhh

See Him in a manger laid


Whom the choirs of angels praise


Mary Joseph lend your aid


While our hearts in love we raise


The greatest expression of love ever shown


Happened on this night


When the angel appeared to the shepherds and said

“Behold I bring you good tidings of great joy


Which shall be for all people

For unto you is born this day


In the city of David

A Savior who is Christ the Lord


Glory to God in the highest


The word made flesh

Lamb of God

Sing praises to His name”



Come let us adore


For unto us is born


A Savior who is Christ our Lord


Emmanuel Elshaddia


Singing praises to the Lord most high


Our King of Kings and Lord of Lords


Sing Gloria




Shout joyfully to the Lord


My soul does magnify you


Holy is the Lord


The mighty One of Israel


And You alone are God



And You have done great things for us