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Check Yourself

The Temptations1 Feb 2013

Check Yourself Lyrics

Check Yourself - The Temptations (诱惑演唱组)

By and by you knew that you make me cry


And my love for you will never die

But I had to find out on my own


Aww that's what they told me

I paid no mind

I kept on breaking hearts


All down the line

Sometimes you just got to lose

That's when you pay your dues

I guess I was a fool I guess I was a fool

To think that you'd stayed so true

Aww I really played in the game

I'd always win

Now the tables turn

And I'm on the losing end

Oh don't feel sorry

I had it coming it's true

Cause I'm losing yes I'm losing I'm losing you

Before I go I'd like for you to know

You've had my heart from the very start

But there's one more thing before we part

And that's I'm sorry sorry sorry to my heart

Aww I'm on my sad way

Because I know I'd lost your love

I'll kick it like a pass

But I'll be thinking of

The good times


The bad times

But good or bad happy or sad

Of memories


Sweet sweet memories

Aww memories are all I have

Aww that's what they told me

That's what they told me

That's what they what they told me



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