Preshow Message (《在途中》音乐剧插曲) - Kristen Anderson-Lopez (克里斯汀·安德森-洛佩兹)/James-Allen Ford/Russ Kaplan/Sara Wordsworth

Written by:Kristen Anderson-Lopez/Russ Kaplan/James-Allen Ford/Sara Wordsworth

Preshow message oh wah


Welcome to the show

Preshow message oh wah

Ba doo doo doo

We're writers of this A Cappella show


And here's a few things

We want you to know


There's no intermission it's one that's straight


So if you didn't pee


Sorry too late


Preshow message oh wah

Ba doo doo doo

Then there's the usual stuff

Turn off your devices

No taking of pictures

And what else would be nice is

Unwrap candy now

And just one thing more


Every sound in this show

Is made by an actual human voice voice voice


Now stand clear of the closing door


Bing bong


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