What Chaos is Imaginary

Girlpool8 Jan 2019

What Chaos is Imaginary - Girlpool

Lyrics by:Cleo Tucker/Harmony Tividad

You live halfway

In a transient home off the highway

Didn't mama tell you

There's so much to see

There's a silver lining

And a ripping seam

Everything's overrated

I'm watching from too close

I'll take one ticket to heaven

Dress up as the Holy Ghost

Got your head in the clouds

And two eyes on the shaking ground

I loved you from the petty view

And watched you like the daily news

Rehearsing what's reality

What chaos is imaginary

In the bleachers

Someone teaches

About what's worth knowing

Some bland candy scheme

Build yourself some boundaries

Just to kill the dream

Got your meds and your sky

You plant the moon in someone's eyes

I did that too

I loved him and his violence for the pretty view

Rehearsed a strange reality

What chaos is imaginary


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