Lion’s Roar

Asher Roth, New Kingdom, Busta Rhymes2009年1月1日


Asher Roth - Lion's Roar(Feat.Busta Rhymes & New Kingdom)


(Asher Roth)

Pretty girl, you know that you so hot (hot, hot-hot)

How about I take you to my spot? (spot, spot-spot)

We can take off all our clothes, he won't call anymo'

You hear my lion roar, head high, eyes closed

You begin to describe all things we do in a

Big big bed in an empty room

Look at you on me then me on you with a warm

Washcloth and a few ice cubes

Did it get so wet? No I'm not my best when I make you sweat

Ready now get set cause you get no rest

I'ma smack that butt, I'ma grab them breasts

Yeahhh, tell me what you like (like)

Can I scratch and bite? (bite)

We can scratch that fight (fight) make it last all night

Slidin on your side and curves

Satisfy the primal urge

Ridin on you back and forth

That's how you make my lion roar


(New Kingdom)

Head high, I'm low

Hear my, lion roar (ooooh)

Lion roar (ooooh)

Head high, I'm low

Hear my, lion roar (ooooh)

Lion roar (ooooh)


(Asher Roth)

On the mic I'm a beast, I'm a big bad beast

I could speak that heat, I don't need no reason

Jeepers, them big teeth you be feedin

Better leave now, I'm 'bout to be eatin

Even you stick around and we beatin

Bleedin, have him laid out on the cement

Breathin, I had him back in your team and

Leave in peace and have a safe evenin

Beef is not what I like to do

Speakin just to enlighten you

Teach him a rhyme and preach in the mind and

A beautiful thing keep fightin through

Just how big's the fight in you?

Tight and high and mighty or

A lighty, hide your heiny when a giant

Hasn't frightened you (you)

Look in my eyes (eyes) you see my pride? (pride)

You see the fire (fire) burnin down the side

Will and drive'll make a man, doin what you say I can

Oh you think I'm playin? Well let's see

Just what you made of then


(New Kingdom)

Head high, I'm low

Hear my, lion roar (ooooh)

Lion roar (ooooh)

Head high, I'm low

Hear my, lion roar (ooooh)

Lion roar (ooooh)


(Busta Rhymes)

Busta Bust and I'm back on my b******t NOW!!


C'mon! Got to make you wanna jump jump jump

And I come with another banger and I know you wanna bump

Cap and gown when I smack you down

And I graduated homie bangin in the trunk

Put yo' hands where my eyes could see

Let me take this thing to where it really need to be

One-two-three, let me take time

To remind y'all that you can't f**k with me

Shake yo' a** on the way to the flo'

In the dungeon drinkin and the lions roar

All my little mamis come to the crib

Let me pound on the coochie until it gets sore

Then I laugh and cough when I flash and floss

Moment when I get cash as a boss

Asher Roth, I'm comin too

Cause I heard that you got a lot of a** in the loft

See I ain't playin mister

I'm 'bout to twist your sister

That's how we do it killer, yeah!

(Lion roar) Yeah! (Lion roar)


(Asher Roth)

That's when I let my lion roar (lion roar)