Down the Road


Down the Road - Kansas

Written by:Kerry Livgren/Steve Walsh


I I'm in a kind of foolish game I try to get rich quick

But I'm going insane

The kind of freaks that hang out on 42nd street

They're all pimping Judy's and popping speed well


It's a game of cat and mouse and I think it's got my soul

I think it's time for thinking 'bout a time to roll on

Down the road


So here I go


Here come big mike I kinda owe him some beans well


He must be crazy I guess that's why he's so mean

If I tell him I'm leaving he would sure enough split my gut

'Cause he knows I sold to a sucker and I owe big mike a cut

But I'll slip him a twenty dollar bill till I get out of town

When I hit those white lines I'm gonna be gone like a

Greyhound down the road down the road yeah


It's a long long road