Questions of My Childhood




Questions Of My Childhood - Kansas

When the sun is in the mid sky he wears a golden crown

And he soaks the world with sunshine as he makes another round

It's been a faster yeard than yesterday all things that I had planned

And when I think I might be gaining I'm in the sunshine once again


Well I walk the road of life among the strong among the weak

And I ask them for the shortcut to the answers that I seek

But it seems nobody understands what is and what will be

Oh the questions of my childhood weave a web of mystery


Can you get me through these changes

Well I sure don't know about life but one thng for sure


All I need is you babe we got to get the golden key to unlock the door


I don't need to face a world of disillusion

I've come to one conclusion that I know you know is true

In the game of silent searching the cost of love is rising

And I'm just now realizing I'd be better off with you


It's a game that I've been living now I Need to know what's real

Can you help me find the answers can you tell the way I feel

Will you stay with me forever just stay with me tonight

And we can talk about tomorrow if it all works out alright