Baby Baby All The Time

Diana Krall1996年3月12日


Once I had a man sweet as he could be

Once I had a man and he was right for me

Kind of curly hair eyes so soft and true

That you couldn't help but care

When he looked at you

He called me baby

Baby all the time

He said baby can't you see

Baby understand

Baby you're for me

Oh won't you take my hand

But I push him away

Wouldn't let him near

Pushed him far away

And now I'm wishing I could hear him

Call me baby baby all the time


Its so lonely through the day

Lonely through the night

Lonely lonely hours without that

Man I held so tight

Lord I pray that you will listen to my plea

Keep him close to you so hell come back to me

And call me baby baby all the time


Baby baby all the time