Take A Look Around

The Temptations2005年8月23日

Take A Look Around (Extended Version) - The Temptations (誘惑演唱組)

Feather in your cap if you catch a robber


Dirt in your face if your scheme falls through


Pay close attention to my story


Youll find every word is true


Junk man standing on the corner


Selling death no concience has he


In the name of God won't somebody stop him

Stop him think about the children

Its a matter of life and death you see


Ain't no time to stand back and point your finger


Weve got to face reality

No no no no no

Don't turn your back on this problem people

Too much depends on you and me


Desprate with no sense of value

Just an evil mind lurking through the night

Because of you the streets ain't safe no more for walking


Cause you're feeling so up-tight


Take a look around